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La estimación previa a la construcción es más fácil con estos 4 sencillos pasos

estimación previa a la construcción

What if you had a tool that made it easier to deal with project hold-ups, that was integrated with your existing software, and that helped you deliver quality, accurate estimations?

When construction estimators are able to collect, centralize, and secure their project data, they can deliver more accurate bids. But getting an entire project team and all the stakeholders on the same page is no easy task. There is a demand for more accuracy in the construction industry that has led to an array of solutions that professionals need to improve antes de la construcción estimating.

The software from ProEst helps estimators plan ahead during the pre-construction phase of a project so they can help guarantee accuracy and business success.

Make Pre-construction Estimating Easier on Your Team

A lack of communication, skilled workers, and organization can disrupt any project, no matter which industry you work in. But these inefficiencies have become a glaring issue in today’s construction industry.

By improving your standards around project management, you can streamline processes and prevent these inefficiencies before they completely derail your project.

“Establishing a project communication management plan from the beginning is a way to prevent the team from getting off track or making wasteful errors,” say the project management experts at Wrike.

“This arrangement should encompass the core team, any other workers who may have occasional involvement, management, and any external partners or vendors who may need updates from time to time.”

But for large teams (and larger commercial construction projects), managers need to centralize data and stay on top of it, especially when it comes to the pre-construction and bidding process.

Pre-construction Estimating in Four Steps

When your entire team has all the information needed to make an accurate bid, you can help guarantee project success. That requires using the right technology during the pre-construction estimating process, so you will need a system that’s robust enough to track all the information you need, but easy enough to use so your team can stay on the same page.

This means you have the potential to win more projects, just by following four simple guidelines before you start construction.

1. Manage clients with confidence

Track how you interact with current and potential clients, from emails to blueprints, by using a secure, cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Don’t second guess information about potential clients! A CRM platform like ProEst will effectively organize your information so you can communicate with clients easily and manage projects with confidence.

2. Estimate costs (but do it the right way)

Deliver detailed digital cost estimates for any construction project, including productivity rates, subcontractor overhead, and profit rates. Tools like ProEst help construction estimators reduce estimation error and increase cost estimation accuracy by making the Base de datos RSMeans available to customers.

3. Deliver estimates more efficiently

When estimators use ProEst, it integrates with existing software, which makes data collection easier and more efficient. The technology also makes it possible to send digital takeoffs right from the client’s project blueprint. This reduces your project’s takeoff time and helps you guarantee accuracy.

4. Make better reporting a priority

“Projects can fail for many reasons,” explain the experts at KPMG, “and one contributing factor can be ineffective project reporting systems. Yet implementing an effective project reporting system is also one of the most difficult project management challenges.”

Data-informed reporting helps all project stakeholders make better decisions throughout a construction project but requires the involvement and dedication of everyone on the team. “This is because project reporting requires coordinated information and integration from all project phases and construction activities—ranging from initiation and planning to project closeout and commissioning.”

Scaling Your Business Effectively

When construction estimators can plan ahead and streamline any part of a project, they can help guarantee a smoother estimation process.

That means professionals can deliver bids more efficiently and quickly, but they’re also setting themselves up to garner more business. That’s why ProEst has been a trusted solution among professionals who need reliable technology for their construction bids.

“We create estimates about 50% faster with ProEst than we did with Excel, especially when we use the digitizer,” says Mac Crawford, construction company owner and ProEst client.

ProEst es una plataforma de estimación de pre-construcción basada en la nube que le ayuda a crear estimaciones precisas y despachos digitales directamente desde los planos rápidamente, lo que le permite determinar las tarifas más favorables para su empresa dentro del proceso de estimación. No hay conjeturas. ProEst hace que la garantía de calidad en la estimación de proyectos de construcción comercial no suponga ningún esfuerzo. No tendrá que involucrar a todo su equipo para asegurarse de que sus números son precisos.

Want to see how we’ve helped other firms grow their business? Take a look at our case studies here. Or take a test drive of ProEst and schedule a demo today.

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