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Mejore su velocidad de estimación de despegue con estos sencillos consejos

estimación de despegue

Improve your takeoff estimate speed while keeping accuracy in mind.

Commercial construction leaders understand how streamlining the estimating and takeoff process can help you gain more free time for taking on more clients quicker, with fewer errors and more accurate processes that reduce or eliminate costly risks common to the industry. (If you’re new to the takeoff estimate process, we recommend starting with ProEst’s “What Is a Construction Takeoff?" y "What Is a Quantity Takeoff in Construction?" y "How to Do a Construction Takeoff.”)

Go Digital

Digital takeoffs involve the same process as a manual takeoff, with the difference being that many of the more complex processes are automated. Digital takeoffs offer several advantages over manual takeoffs, including:

  • Mayor precisión
  • Reducción del tiempo de producción
  • Menor exigencia de conocimientos técnicos
  • Integration into construction cost estimating software.

Es el momento de la estimación en la nube

A cloud-based takeoff estimate solution offers all the benefits of a digital solution, as well as the serious advantage of a “one-stop” solution that is always up to date (both in terms of the latest program version y your latest data) and accessible anywhere via smart connected devices. Also, don’t underestimate the benefit of spending less time in Excel! Granted, Excel was a great leap forward over manual processes. But (decentralized) digital still has significant drawbacks, including:

Equipos descentralizados: If your team is tracking projects on separate spreadsheets, you are not on the same page (literally). Staying up to date on tasks and addressing project setbacks in a timely manner are compounded when your data is split.

Datos inexactos u obsoletos: Mistakes happen in all companies, but the best companies have minimized the potential damage that mistakes can inflict by utilizing tools and processes like cloud estimating. This helps ensure that mistakes are caught—and corrected—as quickly and effectively as possible. You don’t have time to play the “Whose spreadsheet has an error?” game.

We realize that Excel (and Google Sheets, etc.) now comes in cloud form. However, simply moving a long-time desktop product to the cloud does not make it the best tool for the job. For example, there is still the matter of accidental data deletion and broken formulas. A broken formula may not become evident until it has sabotaged an entire project, and even when operating correctly, Excel forms and templates require extra time and attention to detail that most managers don’t have.

ProEst welcome

ProEst puede ayudar

“ProEst is an all-inclusive construction estimating software program that provides some of the best project management and digital takeoff tools in the construction industry. It's primarily designed for commercial construction businesses, but its range of digital takeoff tools, combined with its informative databases, make it a versatile construction estimating application.”Negocios.com

ProEst is a powerful, easy-to-use construction estimating platform that helps companies like yours quickly create accurate, competitive bids for your construction projects. With their construction bidding process, you can create estimates, perform digital blueprint takeoffs, store project drawings, and manage the bid day process using a single solution.

Components include:

  • CRM
  • Cost estimating
  • Despegues
  • Integración de datos
  • Reportaje
  • Workflow process

Key benefits include:

  • An intuitive user interface that lowers the learning curve and makes it quick and easy to create detailed estimates
  • A single solution with one database for storing all your valuable estimate data so you’ll never have to search for a missing estimate or drawing file again
  • A standardized estimating process that increases efficiency, eliminates errors, and presents a consistent and professional company brand

In a January 2020 review, Negocios.com reported, “ProEst is a premier construction estimation application that renders estimate data through an interactive user interface for general contractors and subcontractors.” Check out ProEst’s case studies, Canal de YouTube, and review on Featured Customers. ProEst has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, with zero customer complaints as of this writing.

Considering Free/Open Source Software?

First, consider that most (but not all) “free” construction estimating and takeoff software options actually follow the “freemium" model. That is, they earn revenue by offering a basic free version to entice users to download, with premium features available for a price. In their “Why you must also consider paid solutions” section, Software Advice states, “Free and open source estimating software is a great stepping stone for many small construction firms—especially those using software for the first time. But as job volume increases, paid software often becomes the better choice.” Reasons for this include:

  • You’ll get more functionality.
  • The software will be more usable.


Para que las empresas de construcción comercial escalen, es necesario estar a la vanguardia de la tecnología moderna para ayudarle a avanzar más rápido en sus procesos, manteniendo al mismo tiempo un alto nivel de precisión. Características de ProEst le ayudarán a hacerlo.

Acerca de ProEst

Desde 1976, ProEst ha ayudado a más de 8.000 de las empresas de construcción más importantes del mundo a racionalizar y mejorar sus procesos de estimación. La misión de ProEst es ofrecer un valor excepcional a cada cliente al que sirve a través de su software de cálculo de ofertas de construcción. Sus valores fundamentales incluyen la integridad, la dedicación a la excelencia y la lealtad. ProEst practica sus valores fundamentales en su trabajo, dando a sus clientes una experiencia de confianza y asociación que es única en el negocio.

Para saber más sobre cómo su empresa de construcción comercial puede reducir el tiempo de despegue para estimar más rápido y con mayor precisión, póngase en contacto hoy mismo y programe un recorrido de 1 a 1 con uno de nuestros especialistas!

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