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Take a tour of the latest ProEst news, features, programs and business benefits with our growing collection of videos — a dynamic way to see all that the ProEst Cloud platform and our company have to offer.

A New Era of Construction Estimating

See how our revolutionary cloud platform is changing how construction companies prepare bids and manage pre-construction processes—saving them time and money.

ProEst Education Program

Learn how we’re partnering with educational institutions to help students build key technology skills and prepare for a successful future in the construction industry.

ProEst + Procore

Discover the power of ProEst + ProCore integration, offering end-to-end project visibility and control from initial bid to final close out.

ProEst + Foundation

Learn how ProEst + Foundation work together to ensure data seamless flow and accuracy for estimating and accounting teams throughout the project lifecycle.

ProEst + Acumatica

See how ProEst+ Acumatica integration is helping construction teams connect and collaborate, simplifying key estimating and management tasks.

Quickbooks Desktop Setup - Training Video

Step-by-step training for setting up QuickBooks Desktop

CMiC Export - Training Video

Step-by-step training for exporting CMiC

BuilderTrend Export - Training Video

Step-by-step training for exporting BuilderTrend

Quickbooks Online Setup - Training Video

Step-by-step training for setting up QuickBooks Online

Connecting to Acumatica - Training Video

Step-by-step training for integrating ProEst and Acumatica

Procore Integration - Training Video

Step-by-step training for integrating ProEst and ProCore

Dexter Chaney Standard Setup - Training Video

Step-by-step training for setting up Dexter Chaney Standard

ComputerEase Integration - Training Video

Step-by-step training for integrating ProEst and ComputerEase

Connect to Foundation - Training Video

Step-by-step training for integrating ProEst and Foundation

Accounting Codes Setup - Training Video

Step-by-step training for setting up accounting codes

Elevating the Design Build Process

As a design-build specialist, North Carolina's Focus Design Builders was adept at managing complex projects that began as an idea and took months-- or even years-- to become a reality. The need to produce multiple estimates throughout the project timeline made ProEst the ideal choice as their estimating platform.

Progrind is Smoothing the Way to Growth and Profitability

One of the Australia’ premier concrete flooring contractors, Progrind has a firm belief in the power of technology to improve productivity and drive business growth. A move to ProEst in 2018 yielded multiple benefits: an easy to use interface, unlimited remote access and full integration with their Procore software.

On the Frontier of Change

One of Canada’s earliest adopters of ProEst software, general contractor Con-Tech was eager to follow ProEst into the cloud in 2014. The impacts were immediate. With a new ability for estimating and project management teams to connect and collaborate from remote locations has helped boost productivity and morale.

Outside Ideas

Experiencing a prolonged period of business growth, Australia-based Outside Ideas weighed their options for a new estimating solution, ultimately choosing ProEst for its seamless integration with their Vista accounting software.

Corporate Contractors Inc Estimates in the Cloud

Acting on a recommendation from another software provider, CCI chose ProEst to replace the estimating system they had in place, prioritizing the need for seamless integration with their accounting solution.

Vantis Sees the Future

With growing demand for off-site design-and-build projects, Vantis designers, architects and engineers turned to ProEst to streamline project estimating. The game changer? The cloud-based platform helped the company’s internal teams and subcontractors connect and collaborate in a whole new way.

Neagley & Chase Builds on a Tradition of Excellence

With Procore in place as the company’s online project management solution, Neagley & Chase estimators turned to ProEst for estimating and pre-construction management. The added plus? ProEst’s cloud-based platform could readily accommodate new requirements for off-site work.

Blach Construction Gets Connected

With over 200 employees and relationships with 650+ subcontractors, Blach needed an estimating solution that supported connection and collaboration among teams. ProEst Cloud checked all the boxes, supporting their goals for continuous innovation and growth.

Geisinger Workplace Design and Delivery Gets A Checkup

Dissatisfaction with a disorganized estimating process, coupled with growing demand for state-of-the art healthcare facilities, led Geisinger’s in-house contracting team to adopt the ProEst Cloud platform—a solution that worked seamlessly with their Procore project management software.

Oswald Construction Prioritizes Process Efficiency

A firm believer in lean-inspired business principles, Oswald made the move from “slow and inconsistent” Excel estimating to the ProEst Cloud platform in 2017. A key consideration was ProEst’s ability to integrate fully with the company’s Procore software, which boosted process efficiency right away.

Astroturf Hits a Home Run

A buy-out by a European company in 2016 required Astroturf executives to establish more transparent internal processes, including how they estimated project costs. With ProEst, Astroturf found a solution that encouraged accountability and was configurable to their needs as a specialty subcontractor.

v16 Release Preview

Take a quick video tour of the latest ProEst productivity features—exciting new enhancements that include our new knowledge base, certifications and major takeoff enhancements.

Home Page Analytics

Gain new visibility into key business analytics, including YTD totals, close rates, open projects and more—all updated in real time. It’s the insight you need to make smart, data-driven business decisions.

Bid Calendar

Convert your master whiteboard into “one stop shop” electronic functionality. Our new Bid Calendar lets you consolidate due dates, employee tasks and other vital project information in one easy-to-access location.

Estimate Center

Make better use of historical data with advanced Estimate Center capabilities. Now it’s easy to configure estimate groupings and find the information you need fast—either in list view or scannable graphical displays.


We help you work your way. Learn how innovative ProEst Workflow capabilities can help you define, configure and communicate internal processes to keep your projects moving forward and your productivity high.


Our enhanced reporting feature lets you stay within the ProEst platform to generate, analyze, compare and distribute detailed, customizable reports. Our advanced functionality helps establish a company standard and eliminates the risk of double data entry.


Dig deeper into client relationships with new functionality that displays relationships by type, status, estimating history and more—and get the added visibility you need to proactively develop opportunities in the project pipeline.

Conceptual Estimating

How do you know if a project is right for your company? This new feature lets you use historical estimating data to forecast the viability—and profitability—of potential new projects, an important part of pre-construction management.

Estimate Markups

Fine-tune your profit margins—and protect the bottom line-- with the flexibility of our 100% configurable mark-up function. You get a new ability to filter where your markups are applied—and to design calibrated markups per job, based on key factors for each specific project.

Database Management

The heart of the ProEst platform is our robust database, offering everything you need for a detailed and accurate estimate. Now, it’s simpler than ever to maintain and manage— an easy-to-access source for all materials, labor and other project costs.

ProEst Education Program

The ProEst Education Program is an important part of that commitment, providing best-in-class education, skill-building and support to the next generation of construction professionals.

Track Estimating Productivity

Creating, reviewing and submitting estimates are key to filling your company’s project pipeline, but how much time does it take? With this new ProEst feature, you can keep tabs on estimating hours, activity and productivity.

ProEst Estimating Demonstration Process

Interested in learning more? See for yourself how ProEst can help you transform your organization. Watch this short video to see what you can expect from a live demo.

ProEst New Office Space Tour

Take a virtual tour of the exciting new ProEst office space, and learn how our dynamic open space concept is driving team collaboration and connectivity.

ProEst Implementation Plan: 6 Steps to Success

Learn how construction companies can streamline ProEst implementation with a six-step process that sets expectations and ensures success.

5 Reasons Excel is Holding You Back

If you're still using Excel spreadsheets for construction estimating, it's time for a change. This short video explains why Excel's limitations as an estimating tool could be hurting your contracting business-- and what you can do to turn things around

Una Nueva Era de Estimados para la Construcción

Vea cómo nuestra revolucionaria plataforma en la nube está cambiando la forma en que las empresas de construcción preparan las ofertas y gestionan los procesos previos a la construcción-- ahorrándoles tiempo y dinero.