Early Adoption of Google Glass Can Help with Inevitable Technology Adaptation

Construction company personnel and those who know a thing or two about construction are probably familiar with goggles. This protective equipment shields the eyes of construction workers from possible hazards, while still enabling them to see what they are doing.
Have you noticed that a pair of goggles reminds you of certain a trending technology recently released by Google? One look at Google Glass, and you’re sure that it can fit right into the construction industry – well, aesthetically speaking, that is.

But, while the features of Google Glass are amazing in any field of specialization that it's used in, the hefty price tag takes company owners aback.

Still, the potential of Google Glass to improve construction projects cannot be ignored. Here are some of the possible benefits of Google Glass in the construction industry:

Breakthrough concept that works for the future

It cannot be denied that the technology of Google Glass gives us a glimpse of what’s in store in the future. Using Google Glass now can give any construction company an edge in terms of technology and adaptability to change. Some Glass applications for the construction field are already available for commercial or industrial use such as FieldLens, which aims to improve project site communication between contractors, designers, subcontractors, and building owners.

Template for future technology

Using Google Glass today might seem limiting due to its poor battery power and limited applications. However, when companies start using this kind of technology, they are preparing the company to use high-tech products that are still to come. Call it a prototype or template of things to come.

Convenient mobile project management

Despite the limited amount of software available for the construction industry, Google Glass is already pretty handy by itself. Its hands-free design is excellent for multitasking individuals who need their hands to do something else besides taking a picture of the job site or sending text messages to contractors. It’s only a matter of time before software makers develop better apps to enhance the power of Glass.

Sure, the $1,500 price of Google Glass may seem too steep for a construction company that has hundreds of workers, however, taking the future of the construction industry into consideration, do you want to be left eating the dust of your competitors who might already be using cutting-edge technology? Get started with ProEst's electrical bid software today!

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