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Getting Started with Takeoffs

3 Ways Construction Companies Leave Money On The Table

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Construction Estimating

No matter what the type of construction project you’re about to embark upon, the objective will always be the same: To fulfill your vision and accomplish the goals you’ve set out to achieve. The only successful way to pursue this is with an accurate construction estimate.

Construction Calculators

Get a clear view of project requirements and ROI with our easy-to-use online calculators—time-saving tools that take the guesswork out of project planning and technology investment.

Construction Cost Estimates

We provide some insight into the deciding factors that raise or lower construction costs and forces affecting the construction industry in general.

Hospital construction costs

Hospital construction costs continue to rise every year, alongside demand for increasingly complex designs and projects. Determining hospital construction costs...

Commercial construction cost index by state

Due to the numerous variables involved with commercial buildings, price figures and construction costs for the average code per square foot differ...

Power plant construction: How much does it cost?

Power plants are a key component of our critical infrastructure but must remain profitable for investors in order to continue...
office building construction costs per square foot

Office building construction costs per square foot

In recent studies, statistics show that not all types of construction cost the same per square foot – and even...
apartment building construction cost breakdown

How much does it cost to build an apartment complex?

In the realm of architecture, each project is unique – and along with every individual project comes its own cost-driving...
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7 Habits of Winning Construction Companies

Increase Your Construction Profit Margin

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Download our FREE eGuide today!

Construction Process

The pre-construction process is complicated in commercial construction, and without the right systems in place, projects can get quickly off track. Learn more about what is pre-construction process and strategies for streamlined process through useful articles and advices that our experts provide for you to succeed.

Construction Tips

Discover more advice, guides and tips from our experts