Construction Companies Cut Waste with DART Tool from Waste Management

The construction industry is considered to be one of the world’s biggest waste generators, but a new system aims to change this scenario and change the way construction projects are conducted.
The system, called the Diversion and Recycling Tracking Tool (DART), is an online interface that helps construction companies monitor their environmental impact. It does so by assessing the amount of waste from construction projects diverted away from landfills, as well as the kinds of waste produced. The tool collects data on a daily basis, coming up with figures such as recycling totals and other related environmental stats. The online program was created by Waste Management, Inc. (WM), a North American solutions provider for environmental concerns.

According to a news item, ten companies working in the construction field have diverted more than 90,000 tons of construction waste to reuse, and garnered a diversion rate of 70 percent. The companies -- Balfour Beatty Construction; Gilbane Building; J.H. Findorff & Son; M.A. Mortenson; Robins & Morton; Skanska USA; Wespac Construction; The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company; Walsh Construction; and W.M. Jordan – were recognized by Waste Management by giving them the 2015 Sustainability Circle of Excellence Award.

WM said that aside from the ten construction companies, other firms are following suit. In fact, many of the top builders in the U.S. are already using the data from DART for their LEED certification.

DART is free to use. Registration is required to be able to use the following DART features: tracking of waste diversion rates, visualization of progress in terms of recycling and diversion, generation of graphs and charts to see the environmental impact of the company, and creation of reports for the LEED online system by the Green Building Certification Institute.

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