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SMDI Launches New Website Dedicated to Using Steel for Building Construction

By ProEst | October 8, 2015

Steel continues to be one of the essential materials used in the construction industry. The material’s strength and cost effectiveness has led many construction companies to use different forms of steel for various building projects.However, with the rise of other construction materials and the need for more sustainable construction projects, the business section of the…

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American Arbitration Association Revises Construction Industry Rules and Mediation Procedures

By Flavio Battan | September 24, 2015

Any project is bound to encounter some kinks that need to be ironed out. This may come in many forms for the construction industry, such as malfunctioning equipment or errors in cost estimates. Sometimes, though, the issue arises from disputes between people involved in construction projects, and the problem may escalate to a point where…

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Insurance Brokers Launch Scaffolding Insurance for Construction Industry

By John Gerardi | September 18, 2015

Safety is one of the most important considerations in construction projects. Maintaining a safe working environment for employees in the construction industry provides means preserving employee health and wellness, reducing cost maintenance and garnering trust from investors and clients. Each construction project involves a number of high-risk activities that need to be monitored closely. In…

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5-Year Construction Outlook for US Looks Positive

By Flavio Battan | September 10, 2015

The global recession of 2008 may be far past us, but the construction industry is still reeling from the adverse effects of the downtrend. However, a recent news report said that the construction industry in the U.S. is poised to experience significant improvements within the next five years. The Construction Intelligence Center (CIC) estimated the…

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10 Ongoing Trends in the Construction Industry

By Flavio Battan | September 8, 2015

The construction industry is rapidly growing in terms of technological advancement, just like many other fields of specialization in the market. Despite the hesitation – and opposition in some cases – of veteran experts and companies in the field, the industry is already evolving and embracing new trends to keep up with rising demand for…

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Exoskeleton Suit Could Change Construction Industry

By ProEst | August 20, 2015

Seemingly taken right off the screen from a sci-fi movie, a new technology aims to enhance the physical strength of people, which could be a huge boon to the construction industry. The field of construction involves a lot of heavy lifting, usually using tools and machines. This newly released product from Ekso Bionics – a…

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8 Reasons Why the Global Construction Industry Needs to Innovate

By Flavio Battan | August 13, 2015

The only thing constant in this world is change, according to a famous quote. Unfortunately, many industries are seemingly stuck in neutral when it comes to development. Refusing to change will cause any business to get left behind by its competitors, but some companies don’t realize the reason behind their failure to hit it big…

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WiFi Sensors Could Streamline Construction Safety and Production

By John Gerardi | August 6, 2015

Wi-Fi is now being used to enhance safety measures in various industries. High-risk facilities such as chemical plants are already reaping the benefits of using Wi-Fi to install safety systems and reduce work-related accidents. The construction industry wants to jump in on the action, as the importance of safety in construction projects is of the…

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