7 Ways to Win in Precon: How to Give Your Construction Company an Edge

7 Ways to Win in Precon: How to Give Your Construction Company an Edge

Want to win more of the jobs you bid on? Of course, you do. Take at look at seven different ways successful contractors tip the odds in their favor.
Construction Estimators

5 Reasons Cloud-Based Estimating Software is Necessary for Your Construction Company

The Cloud is more than just a trendy tech term — it’s a vital safety net, backup plan, and collaboration...
Estimators Using Takeoff Software

How Investing in New Platforms Can Reduce Costs & Increase Profits

How many things are holding you back from investing in new construction software? People are creatures of habit and often...
Top Pre-construction Planning Techniques

Top Pre-construction Planning Techniques

Any good construction project starts with solid planning. But how you plan means the difference between a successful project and...
Why Your Construction Team Communication Is Everything

Why Your Construction Team Communication Is Everything

Without communication within your construction team, it’s challenging to have your projects hit the ground running. What’s important to you...
4 Steps to Align Your Construction Team for Peak Performance

4 Steps to Align Your Construction Team for Peak Performance

Is your construction team singing from the same hymn sheet? While this widely used metaphor can be used in several...
Discover What Your Pre-construction Takeoff Process Is Missing

Discover What Your Pre-construction Takeoff Process Is Missing

Maybe you’ve been doing takeoffs the same way for a while now, and you're getting the results that you want....
construction risk solutions

5 Construction Risk Solutions for Your Estimation Team

Construction is inherently one of the riskiest professions, and the bulk of construction management is finding a way to manage...
pre construction process

How to Streamline Your Pre-construction Process with Technology

Every construction project includes a pre-construction process, which typically requires completing an avalanche of paperwork before you can get started,...
latest construction technology

What the Latest Construction Technology Can Do for Your Company Alignment

According to McKinsey & Company, many construction companies are incorporating new technologies into their routines. Most of these efforts focus...
construction estimating sheets

How to Get Your Team Off Construction Estimating Sheets for Good

Contractors and estimators have been using construction estimating sheets for decades to develop bids for construction projects. They enter specifics...
construction project

How to Avoid Costly Construction Project Errors Before They Happen

The construction bidding process is a fiercely competitive portion of any construction project, and as a construction management professional, you...
estimating techniques

Avoiding Outdated Estimating Techniques to Reduce Takeoff Time

For commercial construction companies to scale, you need to be at the forefront of modern technology to help you move...
takeoff technologies

Best Takeoff Technologies to Improve Estimation Accuracy

Construction managers must pinpoint accuracies among costs, equipment, rentals, and salaries during estimation. That's why they must understand the business...
new construction technology

How New Construction Technology Benefits Your Pre-construction Performance

New construction technology is all around us, from the use of smartphone apps to mapping and surveying job sites using...
construction estimating excel spreadsheet

Ditch the Construction Estimating Excel Spreadsheet and Improve Profit

Every big construction project begins with the bidding process, and the most crucial part of putting together a bid is...

Pre-construction Estimating Leadership Do's and Don'ts

When it comes to the success or failure of a construction project, the weakest link can be at the very...
e takeoff

How to Set Up Your E Takeoff for Better Estimates

It has become clear in the last several years that digital takeoffs handily beat manual takeoffs. They deliver the data...
construction technology examples

5 Construction Technology Examples That Tackle Company Inefficiencies

Technology continues to have a dramatic impact on businesses everywhere, including construction. Building greater efficiency is always the goal, and...
construction process

Tackling Your Construction Process for Best Performance Outcomes

According to a report released by McKinsey & Company in 2017, the construction industry has a productivity problem that's difficult...
construction cost estimating

Construction Cost Estimating Best Practices for Success

“Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.” —Winston Churchill Estimating is a critical part of the commercial...
construction spreadsheet

Replace Your Estimator's Construction Spreadsheet with These 3 Steps

Spreadsheets were a significant improvement over paper estimates, but they’re so 20th century. Did you know that electronic spreadsheets are...
construction estimating takeoff

How to Speed Up Your Construction Estimating Takeoff

Creating accurate construction estimating takeoffs is the lifeblood of every commercial construction business. The success of your projects depends on...
construction technology

How Construction Technology Streamlines Pre-construction Processes

Pre-construction leaders today have their work cut out for them: construction projects have gotten more complex, and there’s a skilled...
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