General Contractors

General Contractor Construction Estimating Software

As a general contractor, you need tools that give you a competitive advantage in the construction industry. ProEst can help. Our easy-to-use general contractor estimating software helps you quickly respond to customer bid requests and accurately calculate the cost of any size project.

ProEst general contractor software has been designed to do it all: analyze your estimates, create detailed cost estimates, perform digital takeoffs and handle bid day analysis for subcontractor comparisons. And with our comprehensive Commercial Construction Database, cost estimating has never been faster, easier or more accurate.
General Contractors

Detailed Cost Estimates

Our contractor bidding software has been designed to allow you to create customized views of your most important information, perform quick, on-screen estimate analysis, and automatically add markups to ensure that your bids are profitable.

Digital Takeoffs

With built-in digital takeoff technology, ProEst general contractor bidding software gives you the flexibility to perform takeoffs using electronic plans, an advanced capability many other estimating solutions for general contractors don’t offer.

Commercial Database

Included in your affordable ProEst subscription price, our Commercial General Contractor Database helps you hit the ground running fast in a short amount of time with a solution that includes:
  • A pre-built general contractor database with over 15,000 items and assemblies.
  • Flexible database setup in CSI 48 division format.
  • Unlimited Sort Types (Phase, WBS. Etc.).
  • Worry-free maintenance and support.

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