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How to Aid Your Employees Estimating Process to Increase Business Profit


Your estimating process isn't rocking it

If your estimating process isn't rocking it, you aren’t winning enough projects, and you’re losing too much money. And profit margins aren’t looking too hot either.

In today’s competitive business atmosphere, preparing pre-construction estimates by hand won’t win bids. There are too many current issues commercial construction companies have to face, including the new demand for speed, accuracy, and responsiveness to win bids.

Your employees need tools to succeed with bids that are accurate from the get-go. They fall short as a result of faulty takeoffs and mistake-ridden spreadsheets. There’s just no nailing the bid-to-hit ratio.

To get off the mark, commercial construction companies need successful bids to spell increased business profits.

How do you get your estimating process to rock?

Your estimators need a way to automate estimation processes, and have ways to monitor and manage centralized estimates, takeoffs, reports, and contracts. Plus, information must be shared 24/7 from any internet-connected mobile device. There has to be a solution that gives them this and much more. ProEst has some answers.

ProEst is an easy-to-use cloud-based construction estimating platform that helps companies like yours quickly create accurate, competitive bids for your construction projects. With ProEst’s construction bidding process, your employees can create estimates, perform digital blueprint takeoffs, store project drawings, and manage the bid-day process using a single solution.

And because your data is available 24/7 from any mobile device, your team can work collaboratively anytime from any location—in the office, at the site or on the road.

Takeoffs aren’t taking off

If your estimating isn’t on track, your takeoffs are time-consuming and are slowing that estimation time down. There’s a lot to consider in doing takeoffs. They’re detailed, no doubt. However, there can be too many mistakes in calculating the costs of materials, equipment, and labor from using paper blueprints.

When your estimators use ProEst, you can:

  • Receive improved takeoffs.
  • Go digital with all-in-one cloud-based software.
  • Use built-in digital takeoffs to reduce your takeoff times by 50%.
  • Perform digital blueprint takeoffs.
  • Receive a mark-up summary of when mark-ups like overhead are calculated.
  • Calculate costs automatically from takeoff drawings, and manage the bid-day process using a single solution.

Cost estimating challenges

When it comes to cost estimating, there are the challenges of losing bids and money due to miscalculations from spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are old news. They’re unreliable due to human errors in inaccurate bids from errors included during takeoffs. All it takes is a simple plus or minus sign entered into a cell to throw an entire estimate off. Too many large companies have gone down with losses because someone did the same thing.

In other words, one mistake can be the difference between a bid won and lost.

Lose the spreadsheets and get the power of ProEst. Here’s what ProEst can do to improve your cost estimating:

  • Removes human error from spreadsheets.
  • Produces quick and easy estimates.
  • Stores all project data in a single database so none go missing.
  • Shows bids on projects with an at-a-glance summary.
  • Puts more quotes into the marketplace.
  • Wins more bids.
  • Saves time and money.

Dead data?

When your teams are trying to estimate a project, it’s frustrating to locate the data needed. It’s often scattered over different individuals, platforms, and devices, adding to the time spent to chase it down.

When you put ProEst to work, it can help with your data integration. It has a built-in database with over 15,000 items and assemblies. It supplies customized views of essential data and document storage, so you can always find the data you need—in seconds. The information you have is consistent and reliable. And you don’t have to spend all that time scanning for scattered staff.

Workflows aren’t working

When you have no workflow in your team, you can’t measure it. Your process communications are lacking, and you need to gain visibility of employee performance without the ability to track and measure their status. You don’t have it.

And you need to know what jobs are being done and who’s responsible. You need to lead and manage daily operational workflow, but it’s complicated.

Working with ProEst, you’re able to improve workflow processes. You eliminate bottlenecks and improve the way people collaborate and get things done. This improves visibility and accuracy and gets the right people involved in every project. It holds each team member accountable for their area of the project.

Your workflows advance from one stage to the next, so the team is ready to prep for the next phase of the project.

Reporting on the back burner?

There are several things for you to report. There are project numbers, deliveries, workforce issues, and on-site conditions. You also have to report on safety and anything that impacts potential legal issues. Along with that, there’s the need to report using photos and/or videos.

ProEst gets your reporting back on track. Your estimators can view and analyze estimate data in multiple ways, all with the easy, built-in reports and proposal creator. Additionally, they can send reports like labor reports, estimate summaries for internal use, and materials lists for vendors.

Despite the challenges you and your employees face when it comes to your estimating, ProEst’s got you covered because there’s no guesswork. ProEst software creates accurate estimates and digital takeoffs from your blueprints and gets your team working collaboratively.

To learn more about how ProEst can help your employees and increase your business profits, contact us for a free 1-on-1 demo today!