What You Should Know About Implementing Live Camera Feeds on Your Construction Projects

Project monitoring is more than merely checking the progress of work. An effective monitoring system leads to more efficient processes, better risk calculations, and faster outputs.
Setting up a live video feed of construction projects can be a very effective tool for monitoring the entire scope of work. Camera feeds can boost the level of safety and security in the area of construction, as well as improve the documentation of the project.

Here are some of the areas where real-time video can help your construction management:

Surveillance: If you are concerned about the security of the construction site, CCTV monitors and other video-capturing devices can record what’s happening in the area. It’s best to place the cameras in the storage warehouse or in highly sensitive areas of the project.

Off-site monitoring: Managers who cannot physically visit the construction site can rest assured that the project is going as planned if they are given access to real-time feeds. They can also record sections of the video if they like.

Documentation and marketing: Video logs are great for companies who want to view archives of past projects. Recording the project in video format can also be used for promotional purposes so stakeholders can appreciate the progress of the construction.

If you are thinking about implementing live camera feeds on your construction project, here are some of the benefits of capturing the construction work on real-time video:

Better time management. Live feeds allow project managers to multi-task. Even if they’re engaged in an off-site meeting, they can still check the progress through remote video.

Safety. Is your construction site equipped with sufficient safety measures to prevent accidents? Video captures allow project managers to review the site and implement safety precautions as needed.

Archiving. Nobody can go back through time, but with the help of video recordings, you can check what happened in the past so that you can change things for the better.

I guess the only stumbling block against implementing live video feeds is cost. The company needs to shoulder expenses for camera equipment and software, installation and maintenance. However, if the cost of installing a video recording system can be justified, setting up camera feeds can definitely bring your construction projects to a whole new level. See more on our electrical estimating software today!