Study Finds Construction Industry Slow to Adopt, Utilize Technology

Many construction companies have jumped on modern solutions for their clients and turned to technological trends to prepare their businesses for the future. However, a recent study revealed that not everyone is on the bandwagon yet.
Results of a survey conducted by faculty members of Texas A&M Construction Science Department showed that not all construction firms are prepared for a tech upgrade. The study was presented as part of the 3rd Annual Construction Technology Report.

“The report is an invaluable tool in the Department of Construction Science’s mission to prepare students to assume roles of industry leadership and responsibility,” said study co-author Ben Bigelow.

Highlights of the survey are as follows:

  • Financial allocation for information technology is found to be lower in the construction industry than in any other field.
  • Although cloud computing is already reaching many construction companies as part of business solutions, many of the cloud solutions are not equipped with the necessary security measures.
  • A measly 4.1 percent of construction companies are engaged in data transfers using cloud and servers that could have been optimized for critical construction phases.
  • Exciting new technologies such as drones are becoming more and more popular in construction companies. Other technological tools like mobile and desktop applications are also being embraced by many firms.

Bigelow and fellow study author James Benham are members of the Texas school’s faculty. Benham also runs an IT firm called JBKnowledge that provides modern solutions for construction and other high-risk industries. Learn more about our construction cost estimating software with ProEst today!