ProEst Announces Seamless Integration with NetPricer and NetPak

ProEst is proud to announce that they have released integration with both NetPricer material pricing service and IDEA'S Industry Data Warehouse (IDW).
NetPricer is an online material price update service that provides access to your distributor’s material pricing. IDEA'S Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) gives ProEst users the ability to import items directly from ElectricSmarts' online catalog into the ProEst database.

ProEst users will now have access to the entire electrical industry anytime, anywhere with searchable eCatalogs, certified product data, industry calculators and conversion tables, product specifications, and distributor pricing (through NetPricer) - with access to all of this from your desktop, mobile app or your ProEst software.

Getting estimates created quickly with accurate material pricing information is imperative in today’s competitive market.  NetPak’s exclusive link to IDEA’s Data Warehouse has given ProEst users the power to quickly update pricing for all items across the entire database.

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