How to Use Cloud-Based Estimating Software to Gain a Competitive Edge in 2021

How to Use Cloud-Based Estimating Software to Gain a Competitive Edge in 2021

Whether you’re hoping to recoup losses from 2020 or just want to be prepared for anything 2021 throws at your team, a competitive edge has never been more important. As the new year begins, take a few minutes to learn about four of the top advantages cloud-based software could offer your construction company and how you can get ahead of the curve with remote capabilities, increased ROI, and more. 

How to Use Cloud-Based Estimating Software to Gain a Competitive Edge in 2021

Competitive Edge #1: A Team That’s Prepared for Collaborative Remote Work
2020 has taught us the importance of being prepared to work from anywhere on short notice. Cloud-based software is accessible from your web browser and doesn’t need to be installed on your computer, which means switching from your desktop in the office to your laptop at home or on-site is as simple as logging into your account. 

What does this mean for your team? They can collaborate on the same project from anywhere, whether they’re in the office, on a job site, or working from home. Make working remotely less of an adjustment by enabling your team to pick up exactly where they left off on an estimate. 

Competitive Edge #2: Ability to Submit — and Win — More Bids
Save time and money by simplifying your estimating process. Cloud-based software streamlines your estimating process by eliminating cumbersome data transfer, ensuring everyone stays on the same page, and providing 24/7 access to the information you need to create accurate proposals. 

The ability to collaborate in real-time from multiple computers allows your team to work together efficiently, reducing the number of hours you spend on bids — and allowing you to complete more bids in the same amount of time. 

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Competitive Edge #3: 24/7 Access to the Data You Need, from Anywhere
Were you prepared to access your data from anywhere when the COVID-19 pandemic began?

Everyone knows it’s important to back up your files, and cloud-based software does this automatically by nature. With cloud-based software, you never have to worry about where your files are stored or if they’re accessible to everyone on your team. Printing out or transferring files will become a thing of the past. 

Should a computer crash, a disaster strike your office building, or a stay-at-home order be enforced, you’ll be able to hit the ground running with everything you need only a few clicks away. 

Competitive Edge #4: Project Accuracy from Start to Finish
Use cloud-based software to integrate with other platforms and prevent errors in your workflow. Software like ProEst exports data seamlessly to other software it integrates with, reducing workload, eliminating the need for double-entry, and minimizing the risk of human error. 

When your project data syncs automatically through the cloud, you can have confidence in knowing your estimate’s data is accurate when it’s transferred to the next stage of the construction process. 
These 4 competitive edges are only a handful of the reasons switching to the cloud is a smart decision for the new year. Interested in learning more about why you should digitize your estimating? Check out our industry report, The Case for Digital: Seven Reasons You Should “Paper Proof” Your Pre-Construction Process.