Chinese Firm Builds a 57-Storey Skyscraper in 19 days

Most people may find it difficult to build a full house in a month, but a Chinese construction company completed a much larger building in much less time.
China-based construction firm Broad Sustainable Building Co. claims to be one of the fastest builders in the industry, after it successfully erected the Mini Sky City [not pictured] in a short span of time. The 57-storey structure was completed in just 19 days, a massive feat for any construction company anywhere in the world.

The skyscraper was built using modular technology, allowing the company to finish three floors in a single day. The company’s engineer Chen Xiangqian said in a news release that their technique involves assembling blocks instead of the traditional way of putting up a structure “brick by brick”. This building scheme is also being used in the U.S. and the U.K.

The impressive 19-day duration includes only the actual construction work, and does not include the more rigorous planning phase. Construction of the building modules – amounting to 2,736 pieces – spanned 4.5 months. Unstable weather conditions slightly delayed the construction, although the delays weren’t factored into the 19-day record. Despite the speed of the construction, the company claims that quality wasn’t compromised. The construction work was in compliance with building and safety standards.

Although modular construction has changed the way companies build structures, the novel scheme doesn’t come without opposition. Critics say that the modern type of construction doesn’t welcome unique architectural designs and shapes, but instead gives way to box-type structures that produce unsightly skylines.

In spite of the criticism, the construction method is here to stay. In fact, the Chinese company is awaiting approval for the construction of a 220-storey building that they project to complete in a matter of three months.