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estimate construction costs

Tips for Your Employees to Lower Your Estimate Construction Costs

In a market this competitive, you have to estimate construction costs to make a difference between a lackluster and a...
cloud based estimation software

Cloud Based Estimating Software that Works with Procore

Commercial construction jobs change every day. Technology leads the change and plays an integral role in the construction process, from...
construction integration model

3 Ways to Implement Your Construction Integration Model

Without a doubt, as head of the pre-construction process, one of the priorities is finding the most efficient way to...
procore construction software

Expanding Procore Construction Software Capabilities with Integrations

With Procore construction software, you can enhance your user experience and increase your productivity through the open API. The API...
procore technologies

The 6 best Procore integrations

The commercial construction industry is rapidly changing. A business needs to be adaptable and efficient with their technology platform in...

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