5 Tips for a Safer Job Site

Negligence on a job could cost a construction company significant delays in project completion, loss of able-bodied workers, and customer trust.

Apart from keeping costs at bay and upholding the welfare of workers, safety on the construction site is also a requirement of the federal government.

According to this report by IECI, roughly 16 percent of job-related deaths come from the construction industry. That’s a pretty big number, considering there are other industries with more employees and projects.

Workplace safety is more important than ever, as the rise in real estate and construction continues. Here are five tips to ensure safety on the construction job site:

1. Establish organizational structure

Any employee should know who the supervisors or members of higher management are. This is essential in emergency situations wherein the worker has to communicate the incident to someone up the corporate ladder. A communication plan must be laid out.

2. Open communication lines through group discussions

Regular meetings give employees the opportunity to create good relationships with people and establish better communication channels between them. Schedule regular group discussions, the frequency of which will depend on the structure of your company.

3. Provide updates on emergency situations

What good is an emergency alarm if no one knows what to do next? Employees of a construction firm must be aware of emergency procedures, and be updated of any changes through an organized communication network.

4. Implement login and logout procedures

Having an employee count allows the company to know exactly how many people are in a particular job site when an emergency occurs. The company should implement a system where workers should check in and check out of the site.

5. Use technology

Now that we are enjoying social media and online methods of communication, we should use these technologies to improve communication during emergency situations. Job site workers must have access to tech-upgraded tools to make emergency updates easier to spread.


Accidents in construction projects are just waiting to happen, but following these five safety tips should significantly reduce the risk of injury or fatality in the workplace.