3D Printing in the Construction Industry

Construction companies constantly look for ways to surpass competitors by using the latest technological trends and breakthroughs. This is the reason why people working in the field have been using high-tech products such as cost estimation software, construction software and other similar applications.
Another emerging trend in construction is the use of 3D printers. This printing technology has been useful in various fields of specialization, and it’s especially true for architectural firms. By using 3D printers, architects can now create 3D models of buildings and construction projects in a breeze. Instead of molding prototype structures and scale models by hand, architectural companies can now turn to 3D printers to make these models using compatible construction software.


How about making a full-sized house from a 3D printer? Many skeptics are hesitant to use 3D printers to make actual life-sized houses and buildings primarily due to practicality. Indeed, using a 3D printer might cost too much, especially in terms of filaments and accessories. Another reason for the skepticism is building safety, wherein 3D-printed buildings might not have the same structural integrity as in conventional construction.


Still, these limitations have not stopped a few companies from testing the waters. News broke early this year of a project in Amsterdam to create an entire house structure using 3D printing technology. Then, a few months later, a private construction company based in China was able to accomplish a seemingly impossible feat: “printing” ten houses in one day!

3D printing technology may sound like a thing of the future, but it’s already available in our generation. In fact, accessories and supplies for this technology such as 3D printer filaments may already be purchased online. Therefore, if you run a construction firm and are looking into using 3D printing, you don’t have to worry because the necessary materials are already within reach. It’s just a matter of time before the construction industry will fully embrace this breakthrough printing technology as a means to build real structures. In the meantime, concrete trumps all. Learn more about ProEst's concrete estimator today!