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Benefits of Construction Cost Estimating Software

In the advent of the technological advancements that have taken place over the last several decades, the construction industry has also benefited in many ways, namely through the innovations enabled by cost estimating software. Construction estimating software has positively affected the way professionals conduct their business and achieve their goals, providing a streamlined approach that…

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What Is Construction Estimating Software?

While traditional methods of construction estimating have relied upon spreadsheets and manual methods of preparing contracts, commercial estimating software has grown in popularity in recent years. From the convenience it delivers to the time saved, professionals throughout the industry have recognized the invaluable services it offers when preparing estimates for their clients. In this article,…

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What Is Construction Estimating?

What Is Construction Estimating? | ProEst

One of the most crucial components of the construction process, construction cost estimating is the process of forecasting the expense of building a physical structure. Understanding what a construction cost estimator is and the phases entailed is therefore essential to anyone who is concerned about how much their project will cost. Cost estimates are executed…

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How to Do Construction Estimating

How to Do Construction Estimating | ProEst

When it’s time to get an accurate project estimate, it can pose many challenges for those working within the construction industry. Whether you’re a contractor or a property owner, obtaining a transparent forecast of your building project’s cost and how long it will take before you begin is not only important but crucial to your…

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Why Is Construction Estimating Important?

Why Is Construction Estimating Important? | ProEst

No matter what type of commercial construction project you’re about to embark upon, the objective will always be the same: to fulfill your vision and accomplish the goals you’ve set out to achieve. However, before your ambitions can become a reality, your company needs to carefully examine real-world finances in order to determine the feasibility…

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How to Use Commercial Construction Estimating Software

Commercial construction estimating software is an invaluable tool for both general contractors and subcontractors of all sizes. Although many general contractors and subcontractors have already integrated cost estimating software into their operations, many others are still in the dark about what construction cost estimating software does and how it can help their business. In this…

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Construction Cost Estimating Process

Construction Cost Estimating Process | ProEst

Construction estimating is an integral facet of the construction process. Construction estimators are responsible for researching, crafting, and presenting a comprehensive cost analysis of a construction project. Creating a detailed cost estimate is a time consuming and laborious process. In this article, we’ll break down this process by showing how a construction cost estimate is…

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What Does a Construction Cost Estimator Do?

What Does a Construction Cost Estimator Do? | ProEst

Construction cost estimators fulfill a crucial role in the construction process. A construction cost estimator works closely with professionals in other areas of the construction process, including clients, architects, and vendors to craft a detailed proposal outlining the costs of a specific construction project. Although the importance of a building cost estimator cannot be understated…

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Should Subcontractors Use Construction Estimating Software?

Subcontractors need to be able to get accurate, comprehensive bids out to general contractors as quickly as possible. Completing estimates by hand can be a difficult process, which is prone to human error and takes time and resources. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of using a construction cost estimating software for subcontractors. Many…

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Why General Contractors Need Cost Estimating Software

For general contractors, making accurate estimates the first time around is critical to ensuring profitability and continued success. Creating estimates takes time, which costs money and can create headaches when changes to an estimate need to be made. Although many general contractors still perform estimates the old-school way, construction cost estimating software offers a number…

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