5 Things To Avoid While Estimating

Estimation is an integral part of construction. Failing to recognize its importance leads to many risks, including long delays and higher expenses.
If you don’t want to slip into the pitfalls of costly and overdue construction projects, take note of these five prickly estimating mistakes that you need to avoid:

Rushing into things

This usually occurs when the estimator does not have effective time management. With so many deadlines to meet and so many clients to satisfy, anyone working in construction bidding may feel overwhelmed to a point that things become rushed. If this happens, results will most likely be haphazard and incomplete, which may lead to further delays.

Doing guesswork

Construction isn't a guessing game, folks. Commercial construction companies know that guessing figures for a particular project might end up costing more for the company. It’s illogical: why should you guess construction project costs, when you could make use of construction project management software like ProEst?

Making false assumptions

Another surefire way of losing big is to assume dimensions or other construction specs. While assumptions can speed things up, you need extensive experience and a knack for manual estimation to be able to pull it off. Making assumptions – especially if you are unsure and skeptical about the basis of your guesswork – is never accepted as a technical method of construction project planning, anyway.

Banking too much on past data

Looking back on the past may be sound advice, especially if you’re dealing with a frequent customer, but there are many other factors that need to stay in the past. Materials cost, type, and quality change often, so relying on historical information isn't a good idea nowadays. It’s still best to refer to current trends.

Making an incomplete estimation

Turning over an estimation report that is lacking in information is like building a house with no windows or doors. It’s incomplete. Before you hand in your estimates, make sure that you have provided all information. Another workaround to this is to utilize construction estimator software, so that anyone can track the progress of the estimation even if you’re not around.

You can avoid these pitfalls by using quality estimating software to ensure all your estimates go as smoothly as possible.

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